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Nestled between the captivating Aegean sunsets and an ambiance of opulent domesticity, Canaves Villa forges its identity through elemental materiality and meticulous craftsmanship. It weaves a narrative between the rugged beauty of its location and the intricacies of shaping an innovative home, creating a space that embraces a profound sense of coexistence within the landscape. Inspired by the architectural honesty and unadorned beauty of Santorini’s traditional “yposkafa,” the villa seamlessly embeds itself in the natural ground, nestled within the volcanic bedrock to minimize its carbon footprint.

Furniture for the interior and accessories for the outdoor space of the A Villa in Santorini.

Architecture / MEMNEO Architecture studio


Paying homage to the raw allure of the arid rocky landscape and deep blue sea, the front façade emerges as the sole visible volume, draped in local black volcanic stone. Adjacent to it, a robust, aesthetically bold pergola extends along the linear veranda.

As one ventures towards the inner sanctum, a pervasive sense of luxury and serenity unfolds. Reflecting the land’s texture and a rich, raw color palette, the villa’s interiors seamlessly intertwine contemporary design with local tradition. This reinvention of Santorinian hospitality proposes a laid-back island living experience. The design philosophy flows through a sequence of curvy forms, arches, and high-rise domes. While one side embraces the flowing whiteness, the other introduces contrast through dark textured marbles and blackened brass metal details, along with high-end elements. This addition pays homage to the volcanic Santorinian past, enhancing the overall design philosophy of the space.