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Set is a second generation, family-owned, furniture company with four decades of expertise in interior design and furniture for the hospitality industry.

Established in 1980, in Athens, Greece, Set embodies more than design; our ethos is rooted in creating spaces where creativity, passion and celebration of life are purposefully cultivated.

Set is a hub of furniture yet also a cultural hub for all things related to art, design and architecture. Seeing furniture as the vessel to artistry, our projects attend to artisan-crafted interiors for category-defining hospitality, from design concept to its full implementation.


At Set, we are committed to producing a furniture collection that combines traditional high skilled craftsmanship techniques, sourced from various cultures and countries around the world. Sustainability is at the heart of our production process not only by using materials and human labor with respect and empathy, but with a tender sense of the future in total, contributing towards a brighter footprint, as individuals and as a company.

We do this by purposefully choosing reclaimed teak wood, for many of our projects, from its original source in Indonesia, investing in century-old crafting techniques to deliver the final product. This allows us to support local artisans and keep our business practices aligned with our values. Through this upcycling process, new trees are not felled to make your piece. At the same time, reclaimed teak presents a beautiful opportunity to honor the past and serves as a reminder of heritage and ancestry in a world where embracing slowness is an act of rebellion.



Our range consists of a proprietary blend of classics, vintage and modern products together with innovative design from around the world. We work with well-known brands with recognized high quality and – equally important – the lesser-known up and coming suppliers with great potential.

We are exclusively distributing in Greece, the eclectic interior brand HKliving, as well as Humble Lights, a pioneer brand that takes portable lighting a step further.



At Set we take on projects from conceptualization to installation. As hospitality industry experts, we can undertake the completion of a project from the design of the space to the design of the furniture and its production, sourcing of all statement pieces and design features, to the final styling of the whole room or area. Working with a team of specialized photographers, we go a step further to capture the touch and feel of your space in a way that allows you to illustrate your brand identity to the public and reveal the message embodied within.

Fortified by years of industry connections, international brands, a vast network of partners, architects, and designers across the globe, and direct supply access to custom creations, we engage in our work unreservedly, embracing the unexpected.