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BRUTAL is a collection of outdoor furniture and accessories such as pots and fountains entirely made of fiberglass-concrete, commonly known as GFRC.

Fiberglass is quite literally very minuscule glass fibers. Things like windows, roofing, boats and bathtubs are actually made with glass fiber-reinforced plastic (i.e. glass fibers in a polymer mix).
However, use concrete and sand instead of plastic, and you’ve got glass fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC). This is what we do at set. from our cutting-edge workshop in Vietnam.

Our tight-knit team of experienced carpenters handcrafts indoor and outdoor furniture for homes and hospitality settings. Fiber-reinforced concrete furniture achieves a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic while also being extremely durable.

What are the benefits of glass fiber-reinforced concrete?
• Strength: GFRC can have up to 4000psi flexural strength, which is considered an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio.
• Toughness: GFRC is highly resistant to cracks and shatters, and it’s easy to cut without chipping occurring.
• Durability: GFRC is far more durable than precast concrete, cast stone and even some varieties of natural stone. Water can’t find its way into GFRC surfaces, and there are no cracks in the material.
• Surface: Because the surface of the material is applied by spray, once it sets there are no voids, gaps, or bug holes in the surface finish.
• Sustainability: GFRC is a more sustainable material, since less cement is required than other methods, and commonly incorporates recycled materials into the composition.

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SET Collection
Fiberglass, Terrazzo
60 × 40 × 45 cm (L x W x H)