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Collection 23/24 is multilayered: thanks to the strong foundation of Brazilian modernism,
the characterful retro base and the absolute highlights of vibrant Hollywood. This
collection invites you to dive deeper into the 70s.

The Brutalist design philosophy of ‘Brazilian Modernism’ is at the heart of the collection.
Iconic mid-century shapes, warm materials and refined finishes are reflected in the large
basic elements. These include new cabinets, lounge chairs and lighting. What makes this
movement so inspiring are the innovative aspects that turn a piece of furniture into
something more than just a functional object – it’s a statement of design and aesthetics.
Botanical and eclectic prints can be found on the new range of cushions and are paired
with playful colour combinations and material choices to create the ultimate retro
bungalow feel.

The relaxed vibes of outdoor living have been the inspiration for the comfortable lounge
elements, while nostalgic shapes can be found in the accessories. All designed to evoke
the easy living atmosphere of the 70s. Speaking of which, the 70s ceramics are getting a
well-deserved update. From the beloved plates to the retro egg cups as well as new
additions such as bonbon bowls and lungo cups.

The collection’s most attractive counterpart comes from the relaxed luxury of the bustling
Hollywood scene of half a century ago. Inspired by a time when rusticity merged with
casual glamour, when groovy parties were made to be remembered forever and, most
importantly, when things were not taken too seriously. It was a time of maximalism,
expressed in interior design of the highest order. Throughout the collection you will find
luxurious textures, golden eye-catchers and a variety of rich finishes.

We welcome a brand new lounge chair in four high-profile colours and prints, introduce a
new elements sofa that is sure to be on your wish list, and gave the artwork collection an
exciting update. For those who like a challenge, we have an exceptional special edition of
our latest couch ‘Wave’.

Altogether, a multifaceted collection that will require courage and a creative perspective.
Give your home a laid-back foundation with generous lounge elements, bold prints and
strong colour combinations, and finish it off with some eye-catching accessories.
Go all the way this time.


70s ceramics:
This collection takes 70s ceramics to the next level. You’ll notice a focus on muted
colours combined with tactile glazes that give the collection a natural look. We are
delighted to welcome five new models. Meet the quirky Lungo mugs, which are
comfortable to hold and the perfect complement to the current coffee mug range. In
addition to the existing salad plates, we have added two large salad bowls to the
collection to make life a little easier. And last but not least, we are introducing the ultimate
retro bonbon bowls, a pair of elegant cake plateaus and two sets of minimalistic egg

Lazy lounge chairs:
The all-new lounge chairs are made for lounging and enjoying the moment in comfort.
The four striking prints have been carefully selected to add character and atmosphere to
your seating area, while the royal velvet version brings harmony and warmth. The outdoor
version allows you to fully enjoy the outdoors while enjoying the comforts of indoors.
Thanks to the high-density foam construction, the lounge chairs are easy to move and
retain their shape. All to add a few extra moments of relaxation to your daily routine.

Our love for form, material and colour has led us to expand our range of drawer units into
an eye-catching collection of statement pieces. The cabinets are quirky and unique, but
most of all they stand out with rounded edges and both matt and gloss finishes. Inspired
by the compelling design philosophy of the 60s, combined with striking retro colour
options. Whether you’re looking for a practical chest of drawers for your (home) office, a
handy chest of drawers for your small items, a TV cabinet or a bedside table, we have a
model to suit every situation. Discover our range of cupboards, chests of drawers and
storage units.

Textile prints:
Add a dash of flamboyance to your home with distinctive and atmospheric textiles and
prints. The new textile collection is all about a laid-back glamour combined with a retro
bungalow feel. You will find charming farmhouse block prints in natural materials such as
cotton and linen, as well as luxurious velvets and eye-catching Art Deco designs that will
make you long for the relaxed atmosphere of Hollywood. Together, they create an exciting
friction that will bring a multi-layered feel to your home.

Wave couch:
Inspired by the desire to lounge around from time to time, we have created a couch that is
both multi-functional and contemporary. You’re in charge and can create the couch you
want with our nine Wave couch elements. It has a slightly more active seat and can be
combined with an inviting divan element. The overall shape of the couch can be traced
back to Hollywood in the early 1970s and, thanks to its round curves, it will turn your
living room into an inviting place to gather and relax. Get ready, because the couch
comes upholstered in a special fabric that has only been designed for the Wave couch.
The jungle print is for those who have a craving for richness and extravagance in their


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