A piece of history in your home


A native of Southeast Asia, Tectona Grandis, or “teak” for short, was once used for shipbuilding due to its magnificent water-resistant qualities and longevity.

Harnessed under brutal heat and humidity, catastrophic rainstorms, and intense moisture, teak was made to adapt, thrive and retain its color, beauty, and functionality.

As the primary material for all our creations, it is salvaged from old buildings, bridges, and other structures during demolition.

Contrary to teak wood sourced from new trees, reclaimed teak lumber has already proved its durability and decay resistance. This is a rare phenomenon nowadays when most teak lumber is planted and grown specifically for the purpose of furniture.

Through this upcycling process, new trees are not felled to make your piece. At the same time, reclaimed teak presents a beautiful opportunity to honor the past, and serves as a reminder of heritage and ancestry in a world where embracing slowness is an act of rebellion.

When you choose reclaimed teak furniture, you’re also choosing to protect teak forests, contribute to local communities and maintain a piece of history by giving it new life.