The peacock chair (aka the fan chair), with its flared back and intricately woven details, likely originated in East Asia as a thronelike, head-framing seat reserved for royals. Then in the 19th century the designs made their way via trading routes to the United States and England, where they were popular garden-party perches. Cut to the swinging 1960s and ’70s: After a lull in popularity, the chairs were back in a big way, turning up as the boho-glam photo-shoot prop of choice for everyone from Stevie Nicks to Cher to Brigitte Bardot. In fact, we fell so hard for the image of BB we’ve had it tacked to our inspiration board for months.
Today, the chairs are experiencing a major retro revival. But that doesn’t mean you have to rock a freewheeling boho style in order to find a spot for a peacock chair in your place. Let us inspire you a find the right spot for you !