S.E.T. is an acronym for Sedia E Tavolo, or chair and table in Italian—a reflection of our philosophy that spaces are defined by the furniture that occupies them.

About Us

To that end, we embraced novelty, dared to become a category-defining business, and brought together our expertise in art, fashion, and furniture production while remaining approachable at all times.

The result: a company that brings together past, present, and future. From symbols of artistry that previously adorned museums of modern art around the world to treasured pieces crafted from native wood elements in Indonesia.

Art design is creative storytelling in action.

And we dedicate ourselves to the process of creation with the curiosity of a child, the enthusiasm of an apprentice, the passion of a professional, and the wisdom of an elder.

Beauty, passion, and sustainability – we believe in all three.

Passion drives our soul, and beauty inspires our purpose in all its forms – whether it’s a classic piece of furniture or an elegant architectural detail. We are inspired by the power of design and craftsmanship to create something that is both timeless and unique, with solemn respect for and admiration of Mother Nature.

set. is a family business, an innovation hub, a creative space, and above all, an amalgam of beauty.

We believe that interior design should be deliberable with slowness, empathy, passion, and circularity as key pillars of our ethos and raison d’etre.

From sourcing to creating and producing to styling, we aim to contribute towards a brighter footprint as individuals and as a company.